Friday, 27 January 2012

HMD London 2012

I was at the 2012 HMD Commemoration in London on behalf of Portraits for Posterity  and saw quite a number of our sitters there. This tower of coloured perspex tiles is the creation of The Decorators - but the symbolism has to be explained.

 Emily Maitlis and Jonathan Freedland presented the event which included video messages from the Chief Rabbi, Archbishop of Canterbury and Prime Minister plus candle-lighting led by Ben Helfgott and a  prayer marvellously sung by cantor Jonny Turgel, grandson of Gena T and Sam Gardner.  Singing too from the Solid Harmony Choir and Roma music from Aven Romale.  Then an address by Rt Hon Eric Pickles, Minister for  Communities and Local Govt, the dept that funds HMDTrust.  Thankfully he spoke well, about his recent visit to Auschwitz, where he encountered tourists from South Korea and was startled to find the extermination camp on the European historical heritage trail of must-see sights or sites.  Interestingly, the govt  last month granted £2m towards the conservation of Auschwitz as a museum site, which I did not know.  Pickles also quoted from Trude Levi's testimony.
Below is the HMD installation in Trafalgar Square - pillars for public to sign and write messages on.  The fountains were illuminated in scarlet as if spraying blood.

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