Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Georgie BJ as a doll and an artist

MARINA MADE ME  has posted a new sequence featuring GBJ,  though I'm sorry to see that her famous coral necklace does not appear...

A self-image by Georgie appears in the cartoon-strip she created in 1859 as a Valentine for five-year-old Mabel Maclaren, promising a visit

And a newly-discovered drawing by Georgie from the same period  [signed with the monogram 'GM' for Georgiana Macdonald, therefore before her wedding]  illustrates Thomas Hood's then-famous poem 'The Bridge of Sighs', and is so identified on the back.  

It is thus becoming possible to reconstruct the creative ambitions that emerged when Georgie joined the Pre-Raphaelite circle and studied with Madox Brown, until they were decisively quashed by motherhood and her husband's decision to keep Georgie out of his studio.