Saturday, 14 January 2012

HMD 2012

The life of Holocaust Survivor Dora Love is being celebrated on 24 January  as part of this year's University of Essex Holocaust Memorial Week.  Her portrait taken by Matt Writtle for Portraits for Posterity will be hung in the foyer as friends and colleagues  hold an evening in memory of Dora and her life - and also think about how we, the present generation, can continue the work of the Holocaust survivors once they are not with us any more and cannot speak of the horrors they lived through with the authenticity of a survivor. The evening is not intended to be a solemn or tearful event - rather we want to reflect with fondness the long time we had with her and the contributions that she made. It will include performances of a couple of her poems, extracts from her testimony given to the Shoah Foundation, and materials from her work at the home for Jewish child survivors in Blankenese.

The event  takes place on Tuesday, 24 January, at the Lakeside Theatre, Colchester Campus.  For details contact

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