Sunday, 26 January 2020

Fanny Eaton in duplicate

During the last week of Pre-Raphaelite Sisters, the owner of a duplicate copy of the profile head of Fanny Eaton by Joanna Boyce Wells  brought it to the National Portrait Gallery for comparison with the version that has been lent to the exhibition  from the Centre for British Art, University of Yale.

It is quite exciting to learn of this copy, which is the same size and slightly variant in composition - one row of blue beads in the hair - but otherwise virtually identical.  Without more technical inspection of the support and the paints, it's not possible to judge when and where and by whom the duplicate was made. Its framing indicates it has been in existence since at least 1960.

Together with the discovery of an inscription on the profile head by Boyce, previously identified as a 'self-portrait' but now known to depict the artist's 'darling sister' Anne Boyce Mordan, this has made the exhibition an exciting one.

Thanks to all who came and who commended the exhibition to others.  It ends today, after  a very crowded final week.   I hope that it will stimulate more interest, more research and more exhibitions.  There are more Pre-Raphaelite Sisters to meet.

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  1. All very exciting ! Who knows what other treasures are hidden away and will one day be revealed.