Saturday, 22 September 2018

May Morris to be seen in Edinburgh

two bits of May Morris news.
 POEM by Sarah Doyle
       I’m the life picked out in needlework, embroidered,
       a chain-stitch away from parents whose artistry was
       remarkable. I am the satin-stitch of dusky grapes, a
       woman with fingers that spun silvery vines, wrought
       always in a green that winter cannot wither. This I
       was, and am, and more. I am a tangle of strawberries,
       though this seed did not fall far from its trees. I am
       none and all of these. I am fastened, coiled in skeins
       of inheritance, soft as heather, the trellis of violets
       you could almost smell. I am speckling feathers that
       seemed to take flight, birds fledged of frame, calling
       to my herringbone soul, a fly-stitch song. I am all that I
       think and sew, all that I made and did not make. And
       So the silk is cut, and I am where the threads break.
Published in Pre-Raphaelite Review  Spring 2018

@PoetSarahDoyle:   'The May Morris quotes were painted onto the walls at the William Morris exhibition, and I found those two lines really inspiring! She’s a fascinating and important figure.'.

'May Morris Art and Life' will be re-shown, in slightly different iteration, at the Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, in autumn 2019.  In due course the information will be posted here

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