Friday, 1 September 2017

Saffron Walden

just some exceptionally ENGLISH images from Saffron Walden


In the handsome parish church, this home-made epitaph on the tomb of James Montieth, husband of Anne Holgate, who died in 1681 aged 47 is especially appealing thanks to its spelling of freind, which so often still appears unbidden today .
Forgive me worthy freind that I presume
To offer low incomiums on thy tomb
Had I the mighty Cowley's soul one hour
His flight of witt and his seraphick power
I'd doe thee right in such a hight of words
should outdoe time and all his dull Records
But hold there needs no strains of Art
to speak thy worth I'le speake thee as thou wert
of manly mean above the common rate
Exact proportion and of aspect great
A loyal subject and a generous freind
to the  most needy allways the most kind
A chast kind husband to a vertuous wife
true justice was the measure of thy life
But God who gave the blessing tookt away
hee has thy soule and wee (alas) thy clay
here let it rest in this cold mansion lye
till heaven shall take itt to Eternity
In sighs we'll celebrate thy memory.

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