Sunday, 22 May 2016

Abstract women, an Islamist and a fantastical armed figure.

A swift visit to Sheffield allowed an even swifter visit to the Graves Art Gallery, mainly with work by Bridget Riley in mind, which I wasn't allowed to take snapshots of, but also to discover a complementary  display of Abstract Art by women artists including Sandra Blow.

Then around the corner more discoveries:  Romney's full-length portrait of Edward Wortley Montague in full Islamic fig, with a label explaining that he first visited Turkey with his mother, the more famous Lady Mary W-M and was so attracted to Ottoman life that he adopted a form of local dress, as shown, and in later life tried to pass himself off as the illegitimate son of the Sultan. He was, said the Duke of Hamilton, 'wonderfully prejudiced in favour of the Turkish character ad manners, which he thinks infinitely preferable.'

Finally round another corner, almost as if to compare and contrast, two  [of which one here] of Hew Locke's characteristically encrusted full-lengths.  I'll have to add a close-up, to show the detail amongst which the  guns are hidden.

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