Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Janey Morris moves to Kelmscott

From 5 July to the end of October, the JANEY MORRIS exhibits from the National Portrait Gallery will be on show at Kelmscott Manor, with minor variations.  This is a most appropriate place, given Jane’s love for the Manor and the newly-printed photos of her, shivering in her shawl on a cold May morning in 1898, that are included in the display.  With luck the next few months will be sunnier.  
Details from the Kelmscott Manor website  and

Also ‘on view’ at Kelmscott, or rather ‘at work’ is the new artist-in-residence, glass designer SASHA WARD, who welcomes visitors to her studio in the Brewhouse.

A couple of shots of the display in the Manor, where the small square white-walled room shows off the drawings and photos very well and very appropriately given Jane's love of the house and garden.  On view until the end of September: 

and to finish with a glimpse of her burial spot in the churchyard, and one of the antique brocade fabric she presented to the church, currently adorning the altar:  

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  1. Hello Jan,
    Very interested that you are now at Kelmscott. I have been corresponding with Kirsty Stonell Walker and she suggested that I contacted you. I have been involved for over a decade researching the family history of my family and in the course of which I recently discovered a related person living with May Morris in 1901. I assume that you may be knowledgeable about the private life of that lady and if you are able to assist I will advise you of what I know. Can you contact me at
    My wife & I are retired in New Zealand.