Monday, 4 November 2013

Janey Morris @ NPG and PS

well, alas, not quite literally. Even though she did believe in reincarnation, she is unlikely to have been re-born in recognisable  form just as she approaches the centenary of her death in January 1914.
This is to announce a display of drawings and photographs in the National Portrait Gallery's collection, depicting Jane, her husband and daughters, her friends and lovers - and four previously unshown images of Janey in rather funereal aspect, taken by Emery Walker at Kelmscott Manor in 1898  - funereal because it was the occasion when William Morris;' gravestone was installed in the churchyard and because despite the month of  May, it was bitterly cold and wet, the house unheated and the roads too muddy for walking

The display in Room 28  opens on 12 November and runs till 12 March 2014.  It includes two rarely-seen self-portraits by Rossetti, a fine drawing of Rosalind Howard by her husband, and several photos from Jane's own collection, including two of the self-regarding cad Wilfrid Blunt, which came from the estate of her daughter May, via May's executor who, when tasked with the disposal of what was effectively the Morris family archive, presented literary manuscripts and correspondence to the British Library, most drawings and sketches to the British Museum, jewellery and some art works to the V&A  and a mass of portrait photographs to the NPG.  
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  1. I will definitely have to find time to go to London to see this! It's a shame I haven't seen it advertised anywhere - I suppose she is only a woman 'muse' - that's not all she's regarded as, is she? I do hope not! Although it is good that she's having an exhibition just on her image.

  2. Janey's contemporary double will actually exhibit her self-portraits in the William Morris Gallery! From 11 January till 9 March 2014.

    The series 'A Memory Palace of her own' is photographed in Rossetti's, William and Jane Morris' former homes. Referring back to Jane Morris’ life story, I transformed her environment into my own, adopting contemporary clothing and poses.