Friday, 29 March 2013

May Morris Exhibition

An exhibition that I have curated is now on view until June in the Coachhouse at Kelmscott House, 26 Upper Mall, London W69TA.  It contains items from the William Morris Society collection - embroidery panels and designs, wallpaper designs and samples, books, correspondence, items from the Women's Guild of Arts, photographs and the brooch mentioned here in July, which holds gemstones in the Suffragette colours purple, green and white.

Opening hours Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 14.00 to 17.00 and at other times by appointment. Groups and private tours welcomed.

At the opening I was delighted to meet the daughter of the original owner of the beautifully-coloured and finely-worked Minstrel panel.  Her father was a   friend and admirer of May Morris in the pre-war years, and she recently presented the Minstrel to the WM Society, so her presence at the exhibition was a glimpse of living tradition.

Across town, on 24 July, Ornamental Embroidery will run a practical day workshop devoted to stitching samplers in the May Morris manner at the William Morris Gallery London E174PP.

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