Sunday, 15 April 2012


A fairly swift visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, with grandchildren whose chief ambition is to climb sculptures as well as walls, fences etc., but who are alas seldom permitted to do so  (it might be good if YSP had a sculpture playground with items designed for climbing and jumping - in fact many current pieces of play equipment resemble bits of contemporary sculpture and the two would combine well). 
Vast spaces here and plenty of opportunity for installations to surprise and delight, though some promise more than was delivered - for example James Turrell's SkySpace, within the hillside behind an original deer shelter, which offers an intriguing blind entrance into 'a large square chamber with an aperture in the roof', rather like a light-filled dungeon.
This allegedly transforms the open sky into a trompe l'oeuil painting and creates a space for tranquil meditation. But must have been designed for somewhere like Arizona.  In chilly April sitting on rain-damp concrete benches looking up at scudding clouds does not appeal for more than 30 seconds.

One of Gormley's figures perched on a tall dead tree trunk is more effective, especially when viewed from ground level.  The Miro bronzes work well on the formal terraces, in lively reference to their Renaissance predecessors.  The picture below right conveys our weather accurately.

Owing to wind and rain and hail we did not explore at leisure, or have time to assess the deftly-positioned visitor centre, so there is much scope for re-visiting. It's amazing value at £5.00 per car and the open, relaxed, unpoliced atmosphere is very attractive.

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