Sunday, 11 March 2012


by Judith Weir @ ROH -   stunning son-et-lumiere, the son coming in great waves or winds of sound to match the lumiere of kaleidoscopic colours on a vast sail and neon ladder that pivot and swivel and shimmer

[Only you can't watch it from here - go to ROH homepage] 
It's a sort of loud meditation on the wheel of fortune or the blind workings of luck/fate (thankfully designer Tom Pye eschewed the ferris wheel motif).  A thin enough folk plot, but enough for opera.    Heroine's billionaire parents lose everything in financial crash, she descends to street and hard work in sweatshop and laudromat, while owner of burnt-out kebab-van owner is reduced to sleeping rough.   Happy ending via massive lottery win shared by all.  Break-dancers Soul Mavericks are stars of show.  Musically compelling and unlike Klinghoffer the words don't fight for one's attention.
There seem to be only a handful of performances so well worth catching.

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