Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wilhelmina Barns Graham

Excellent exhibition and excellent curator's talk by Lynne Green at the Fleming Collection Berkeley St W1J8DU on the work of Barns-Graham, yet another woman artist only coming to prominent attention after her death [in 2004, aged 92 ].  
     Scottish Colourist,  St Ives Modernist and  contemporary Abstractionist, culminating in a late explosion of strong colour and brushstrokes with acrylic paints and prints.  Lots of visual echoes and influences which tie WBG in to mainstream art history and play to her strengths, especially as she got older and bolder.  In 1987 she established a Trust to protect and promote her art, support students and maintain her Scottish home Balmungo House with artistic residencies.  There's a talk on the Trust at the Fleming Collection on 12 March

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  1. I saw this canvas at City Arts Edinburgh in December 2012. It was my favourite. It is much better than the reproduction. The texture of canvas and paint brings the study to life.